The stillness of winter

The stillness of winter

Autumn whispered to the wind, “I fall; but always rise again.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

By the end of autumn and the beginning of winter nature falls silent and dormant. Like it’s slowly dying.

This period of the year is about withdrawal and turning inwards for us as well. As the preparation for Christmas should be, even though we usually forget it and instead of taking things slow we overwhelm ourselves by spending our days shopping for presents, doing overtime and trying to finish every task before the year ends.

This year it might be different as now we’re more or less forced to going in instead of going out and maybe it’s not so bad after all.

We can put ourselves into a winter dream, hibernate so we can wake up and rise again when spring comes – like a rebirth. Maybe it happens more offen then we actually realize it. We say goodbye to the outworn parts of ourselves. We let them go to create space for something different, something new, something better. So when spring comes it can bloom and evolve into something beautiful. But first we have to let the past go, take some rest, go inward instead of outward and accept the things we can’t change.

Winter is silent and cold but eternally peaceful and calm. It holds the same peace and tranquility as we do, deep down inside us. To which state we can always return to no matter how chaotic the outside world may seem.

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